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For while this is an absolutely fantastic screen that delivers some genuinely brilliant picture quality, it does have its issues. Chief among these is its inability to deal with fast pans where the footage is bright – something which leaves behind visible artefacts. It’s enough to knock it down the list a little bit, a fact not helped along by that staggering price tag.

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The CLR® 2 features a durable scratch-resistant coating that is easy to clean and will protect the material through many years of use. This screen material is designed for use with ultra-short throw table-top configurations as well as short throw projector arrays. An ultra-thin bezel enhances the aesthetics by providing that giant flat panel TV appearance at a fraction of the cost. Fixed frame projector screens are the top choices of screens for home theaters, auditoriums and any room where you plan to have a screen permanently mounted to the wall. A fixed screen features a flat surface that stays taut and in place on the wall giving you maximum visual experience.

Aspect Ratio vs. Gain

Furthermore, it has an impressive 160-degree view and offers a perfect experience at every angle. Yes, this screen is compatible with projectors with all throw distances. The product structure is carefully conceived by our experienced designers. With special photographic materials, it perfectly solves the scattering problem of ambient light. Its components are all in line with national standards and are harmless to the human body, whether it is the outer casing, fabrics or frame.

The projection screens developed and designed by XY Screens are elegant and stylish. Best Fixed Frame Projector Screen and elegant appearance is also one of its most outstanding features, showing high-end quality. Additionally, the design of this screen can cause blockage of light coming from above, making it a poor choice for ceiling-mounted setups and most standard thrown and lamp-based models. Most of the challenges that outdoor projection faces is with the projector itself.

The Silver Ticket comes together much more easily, and although the material doesn’t look as taut as Elite Screens’ model during use, there is no functional difference. As far as objective measurements go, we made more than a thousand measurements per screen and have consolidated the data into a table below. We go into further detail in the Lots more data section for those who are interested. While some screens measure better than the Silver Ticket, they are either seven times more expensive or time-intensive DIY projects, which most people aren’t up for. Once the screen is hung on the wall there is no visible flex in the top or bottom rail, and it looks well made.

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